Bills fans continue to donate to Andy Dalton’s foundation

Andy Dalton has been maligned for much of the past two seasons but the city of Buffalo is ready to name a street after him. It was Dalton’s dramatic 49-yard TD to Tyler Boyd on 4th and 12 that knocked Baltimore out of the playoffs and sent the Bills to their first postseason in 17 years.

The scene of Bills players watching the moment is incredible.

After the dramatic turn of events, Bills fans were antsy to show their appreciation to Dalton. Hundreds started donating $17 each to Dalton’s foundation, which provides opportunities to mentally and physically ill children in Cincinnati. The donations have continued to snowball.

“I think I’m the hottest guy in Buffalo right now,” Dalton said to reporters Monday. “According to my Twitter, I think everybody’s loving us right now. Obviously that’s a crazy fan base, and they’re all pretty excited.”

If this story if any indicator, 2018 is going to be a monumental year in sports.

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