Chicago Bears resting most starters in Week 3 preseason game

Week 3 of the preseason is historically the most fascinating because it features the most playing time for starters before the games actually mean something more than roster dwindling.  New Bears head coach Matt Nagy has a different idea:

The Bears somewhat surprising decision can be traced to playing in the Hall of Fame game a full before other preseason action took place and thus having held far more practices than other teams.  Seeing other injuries, including Browns QB Tyrod Taylor dislocating a finger on Thursday night, probably didn’t help matters.

While Nagy’s decisions is unconventional, he is not the only young coach in the air on the side of caution camp. Rams head coach Sean McVay is still weighing whether or not to play Jared Goff in the their preseason game tomorrow.

The Bears host the Chiefs at 1PM ET on Saturday. Hopefully the team will at least offer the fans who paid a pretty penny a free beer … or four.