Rams LT Andrew Whitworth donating game check to Thousand Oaks shooting victims

In response to this week’s tragic shooting in Thousand Oaks, CA that claimed 12 victims, Rams tackle Andrew Whitworth announced that he will be donating his entire game check this week to help the families of those slain. The money will specifically go to Ventura County Community Foundation’s Conejo Valley Victims Fund, an organization aiding relief and recovery efforts for victim’s families following Wednesday’s shooting.

The Rams facility is also in Thousand Oaks, just a couple of miles from the Borderline Bar where the tragedy occurred.

Whitworth addressed teammates before meeting with the media.

“As a group, everyone’s affected in a different way. Whether it’s the fear of having your own kids that could be involved in something like that, if it’s the fear of just being in that environment yourself or just living somewhere where something like that’s happened,” Whitworth said.

“You always think it’s never going to be around you or involve you, but you always see that from people once you experience it. I think we just wanted to find a way to come together and really just wrap our arms around the community that we live in and that we operate and work in.”

Whitworth led a donation drove among teammates that will further help support the families of the shooting, with other funds going to the relief efforts of families displaced by the still raging California wildfires.

The Rams will hold a moment of silence before Sunday’s game at the Los Angeles Coliseum.