🎧TFG Pod: Andrea Kremer continues to soar with TNF gig

This week’s show features a robust conversation with Hall of Fame broadcaster Andrea Kremer. (Starts at 11:12) Kremer made history last week as part of the first all-female booth, along with Hannah Storm. The duo will be calling Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime throughout the season. Kremer discusses how she found out about this historic opportunity (11:56), demonstrates her outstanding ability to explain football terms like DPI and RPO (22:21) and explains why her and Storm were the ideal choices for Amazon (39:30).

Later in the conversation, Kremer describes the moment she learned she was a Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee (41:31), the challenges of starting her career as a female in the NFL in the late 80’s (1:01:30), and shares her interviewing pet peeves (1:12:10). All journalists should take a listen to that last one.

Also in the show, Melissa shares her thoughts on the TNF broadcast, as well as more justification for Le’Veon Bell’s holdout and Dirk Koetter’s strange death wish. (00:30)

Our Do-Gooder of the Week is Eric Reid who shared a critical history lesson in his first press conference as a Carolina Panther. (1:18:25)

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Kremer on staying relevant:

“Women in sports have not really aged out because we’re sort of the first generation. So for me to sit here, where I am in my career, have this opportunity with Amazon, correspondent for Real Sports with Bryant Gumbleis probably more meaningful to me than anything- I’ve been with them since 2007 – Chief Correspondent for NFL Network, co-host of We Need to Talkon CBS Sports Network…for me to have these opportunities is so meaningful to me and literally like every day I wake up grateful. Every single day. That is not lip speak.  That is truly what is in my head and my heart.”

Kremer on Amazon really wanting her and Hannah Storm:

If Amazon wanted to just do women, they could have gotten any women. They made it very clear from that first phone call, ‘It’s you and Hannah or we’re not doing this.’ Wow, They wanted who they thought were the most credible women because the one you can say you don’t like us but you can’t say that we haven’t earned the opportunity.

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