WATCH: Alshon Jeffery surprises girl who wrote letter of support

When Alshon Jeffery missed a catch from Nick Foles that would have kept a potential game-winning drive alive against the New Orleans Saints last weekend, he was devastated. Foles comforted him on the sideline, as did Carson Wentz. Still Jeffery’s deep sorrow was evident.

Shortly after the game, Abigail Johnson, a huge Eagles fan who happens to be 8 years old and in second grade, penned an incredible heartwarming letter to Jeffery.

In the letter Abigail told Jeffery, “Don’t get mad. I know you can do it. We all know you are a good player.”

The letter reached Jeffery and less than a week later, Abigail’s class at West Chester were told they had a surprise – Jeffery wanted to FaceTime the class to say thanks. But there was a catch. Jeffery was going to miss the FaceTime session because he decided to surprise the class in person. The reaction of Abigail and her classmates is extraordinary.

The reciprocal support is another example of the power of kindness.