Alex Smith Dealing With Career-Threatening Infection From Surgery

A few weeks ago, we saw the brutal side of the NFL when Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith was carted off the field after he broke both his fibula and tibia. The season-ending compound hit was gruesome to watch, and  Smith immediately went to the hospital for surgery.

Last night after little information or reporting on Smith since the November 18th injury, Burgundy Blog reported Smith was still in the hospital dealing with post-surgery infections.

The reports continued with multiple outlets confirming Smith is battling infections related to his initial surgery. This raises questions about Smith continuing his career.

This Redskins all but confirmed the situation by putting out a statement on behalf of the Smith family saying the injury is serious and thanking fans for support and prayers while asking for privacy.

There is little specific information on the infections are or how dangerous they are, but the fact that Smith is still in the hospital speaks volumes.

Smith’s injury was a blow to the fans and the Redskins in many ways. Yes, the Redskins lost their starting QB, but Smith is as widely beloved a figure as it gets in the league community.