Aaron Rodgers breaks contract news via former teammate James Jones

On Wednesday morning ESPN insider and noted news breaker Adam Schefter tweeted that the Packers were looking to finalize their mega extension with Aaron Rodgers by the end of the weekend.  Ten minutes later, the historic deal was finalized but the news did not come from Schefter or Ian Rapoport or any other usual source. Rodgers strategically first shared his astronomical contract numbers with former teammate turned NFL Network analyst James Jones.

Rodgers will receive $80 million of that guaranteed money by March, as more details of the contract were vastly reported. He is deservedly the highest [paid player in the NFL. He’s also an elite friend. Feeding this information through Jones was a classy move designed bolster Jones’s profile in a crowded landscape of former NFL players trying to make a splash in broadcasting. Rodgers appeared on NFL Network in early July and suggested viewers follow Jones for any updates on his contract situation. Very cool to see him follow through today.