A Beary Respectable Decade for Chicago

It’s hard to imagine the Chicago Bears getting no respect, but it’s true.  With one of the the most recognizable brands, most devoted fan bases, and storied lineage in all of sports, the Bears have all the makings of your classic mainstream media hype magnet.  But, alas, ‘tis not to be.

This year’s Bears team has been consistently “poo pooed” by the mainstream media and “respected” analysts—as evidenced most recently by Peter King’s Week 17 Power Rankings listing them as tied for 7th with Green Bay (Green Bay!) and behind the Eagles (who they beat soundly)—despite being the NFL’s hottest team this side of New England in the second half of the season.  I understand Jay Cutler is completely unlikeable and Lovie Smith makes Jim Caldwell look energetic, but . . . Cmon Man!

What’s more, besides these intangibles, the Bears actual performance deserves some respect.  With the Bears now securing a a first-round bye on Sunday, it will be just them, the Patriots, and (possibly) the Steelers with 4, as the list reflects. That’s pretty elite company if you ask me.

So next time you feel the need to criticize the Bears’ porous offensive live, Lovie Smith’s clock management, Jay Cutler’s poor mechanics and aloofness, Mike Martz’s stubbornness, or the McCaskey’s cheapness, just check yourself before you wreck yourself.  The Bears know how to win.

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2001: Bears Rams Patriots Steelers

2002: Eagles Bucs Raiders Titans

2003: Eagles Rams Patriots Chiefs

2004: Eagles Falcons Steelers Pats

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2009: Saints Vikings Chargers Colts

2010: Falcons* Bears Patriots Steelers*