TFG Pod: Will San Francisco’s Magical Run Continue?

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It’s Week 12 and with the 49ers still a heavy contender and no one healthy in the NFL Melissa welcomes ESPN Injury Analyst and San Francisco superfan Stephania Bell.

Bell, a co-host of the popular Fantasy Focus podcast and Fantasy Football Now, takes listeners through the complicated web of NFL injuries. Bell explains why “Twitter doctors” are dangerous, why “healthy NFL player” is an oxymoron, and describe the most gruesome sports injuries she’s witnessed.  Plus, Bell shares her thoughts on Mitchell Trubisky’s hip pointer, A.J. Green’s strategy for return and whether or not Alex Smith will grace a football field again. 

Then Melissa and Stephania lighten it up by talking about this weird and wonderful 49ers season. Kyle Shanahan’s wizardry and a dominant defense have ruled the season but will it continue with Green Bay, Baltimore and New Orleans on the docket? Plus, the two marvel at Levi Stadium’s transformation from morgue to deafening beast. 

Melissa also gives her Week 12 and Watchability Index– rating the intrigue of each game on a scale of Romos.

The Rundown

2:07: Melissa’s Week 12 Watchability Index + Picks! 

16:11: Stephania on why no players are actually healthy right now

28:20: The worst injuries Stephania has witness

33:44: Stephania on why the only people who diagnose injuries should be those treating them 

39:15: Melissa and Stephania relive their preseason 49ers predictions

41:18: Stephania on the beauty of the 49ers defense being the star

50:42: Stephania and Melissa on Kyle Shanahan’s craftiness 

54:28: Stephania and Melissa ponder the possibility of the 49ers not winning the NFC West