Fitz on Fantasy: 2019 Fantasy Football Rankings

Offseason? What is this “offseason” of which you speak?

Here are my initial player 2019 fantasy rankings. Rookies are not included – it’s a too early in the pre-draft process for that – but these rankings DO take free agency into account. Unrestricted free agents such at Tevin Coleman, Adrian Peterson, Tyrell Williams, etc., are ranked based on the likelihood that they’ll be playing for unspecified new teams next season. And the rankings of other players are based on the likely departure of their free-agent-to-be teammates.

But that’s what these early-bird rankings are all about: projections and assumptions. It’s tough to project depth charts and playing time six months before training camps open, but we’re giving it our best shot.

Oh, one more thing: These rankings go deep. I mean deep. Hey, a lot of you play in crazy-deep leagues with a lot of teams and huge rosters. I’m not going to assume every league has 12 teams and 16-man rosters, because I know from bantering with you guys on Twitter that such assumptions are false. I know that some of you are in 20-man leagues, or have 30-round drafts. The rankings depth is for those of you in these crazy-ass leagues.

These rankings will be updated sporadically in the weeks ahead and constantly once free agency gets under way, so check back often.