10 reasons to subscribe to the new TFG newsletter

Our spiffy newsletter is debuting on Thursday, September 7th. Something else is supposed to start that day as well…maybe having to do with football? Anyhow, if you have already signed up for our newsletter, you may have done so because we billed it as “the best newsletter in the history of newsletters.” This is, of course, entirely accurate but if you still need convincing here are 10 more reasons:

1. We only deliver it to your inbox once a week so we are working extra hard to make sure it doesn’t suck.

2. We will never reveal GoT spoilers.

3. There will be exclusive neswlwtter-only fantasy football tips from our acclaimed expert, Pat Fitzmaurice.

4. If you subscribe, we guarantee your favorite NFL team will probably make the playoffs in the next 75 years. Even the Jets.

5. There will be a newsletter-only game that you will want to play.

6. If you don’t like it just think of us when you hate-sing Look What You Made Me Do at your next karaoke outing.

7. Our newsletter will be free of WAG galleries and condescension.

8. We will share some of our favorite pieces beyond TFG.

9. Our resident 3-year-old will cry if you decide not to subscribe. Do you really want to be responsible for the tears of a toddler?

10. In all sincerity we at TFG have a boatload of intriguing content and sharp contributors but to grow and succeed we really need your help. Please join our community. Thank you.