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Colts Owner Jim Irsay Suspended Six Games, Fined $500,000

Irsay pled guilty to one count of misdemeanor of driving while intoxicated.

TFG Fantasy Club: Drafting Domination

Make a draft week a success. TE strategies, rookie WRs vs. rookie RBs, and will Percy Harvin stay healthy?

Fitz on Fantasy: Complete Fantasy Football Rankings

Play fantasy football or dominate fantasy football? Your choice.

Exclusive: 6.4 Million Women Playing Fantasy Football

But with recent a league culture deemed increasingly unfriendly to women, will that trend continue?

Show Your Football Girl Pride

It's one thing to read The Football Girl. It's another thing to be a Football Girl.


Feat. Football Girl

Meet a neuroscientist who will make you better at fantasy football.

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Fitz on Fantasy

What do Colin Kaepernick and Nic Cage have in common?

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Rookie Roundup

Ex FAU CB Keith Reaser's twisted road to the NFL.

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