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The Football Girl - Becuase Women Love Football Too

Fitz on Fantasy: Week 8 Player Rankings

Looking for the points to keep rolling in for Julius Thomas, says Pat Fitzmaurice.

Ugly Locker Room Scene in Chicago Following Bears Loss

Brandon Marshall reportedly heats up following a tough loss to his former team

Love 'Em or Hate 'Em, We Need Them Cowboys

Why America's Team being good is good for America.

Exclusive: 6.4 Million Women Playing Fantasy Football

But with recent a league culture deemed increasingly unfriendly to women, will that trend continue?

Show Your Football Girl Pride

It's one thing to read The Football Girl. It's another thing to be a Football Girl.


Feat. Football Girl

Christine Golic, Mike Golic's wife, is using her unique perspective as a football mom and wife to help make the game safer.

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Super Bowl XLIX

Katy Perry is reportedly performing at halftime. Hope you own ear plugs.

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Positively Gruden

Binary codes vs. Antonio Brown

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