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The Football Girl - Becuase Women Love Football Too

Super Bowl Storylines That Should Have Happened

"Superman: The Other One" will have to wait.

Positively Gruden: Giants vs. Eagles: The Force Takes a Nap

Gruden provided some gems before and after the night's main event.

Why the NFL Needs Ray Rice More Than Ray Rice Needs the NFL

Rice could help a team a lot more than as a stopgap running back.

Ravens Wide Receiver Steve Smith: His Best Quotes

The 36-year old announced that this season will be his last. But his words will live on forever.

Show Your Football Girl Pride

It's one thing to read The Football Girl. It's another thing to be a Football Girl.


2015 Outlook

With no real deficiencies, the Ravens are poised to make their seventh playoff run in eight years.

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TFG Style

Today's Daily Cut of Meat is Brett Favre.

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Fitz on Fantasy

10 most undervalued players of the early drafting season

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Tweets of the Day

  • Justin Forsett, Ravens RB

    Excited for my guy Tyrod Taylor! Can't wait to see him shine

    08-20-2015 | @ JForsett
  • Justin Forsett, Ravens RB

    The day I get attacked by a shark at the beach will probably be my last time in the ocean. I'll stick w/ the community pools

    07-20-2015 | @ JForsett
  • Tony Romo, Cowboys QB

    Couldn't be happier for my guy . Nobody deserves it more... just make sure you don't forget your wallet at the next dinner 88.

    07-15-2015 | @ tonyromo

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