49ers should have a fresh start at quarterback

Colin Kaepernick’s days in San Francisco are likely numbered. Kaepernick’s agents informed teams that the 29-year-old quarterback will become a free agent next week, NFL Network first reported.

With a pending decision on Tony Romo and Jimmy Garoppolo trade rumors swirling, the quarterback market is still in flux.

The 49ers need to move on from Kaepernick, who is too far along in his career to be a project. Kyle Shanahan when addressing media Wednesday suggested that Kap’s 49ers’ tenure would afford him no special treatment.

“We don’t have an attachment to Kap,” Shanahan said, via the San Jose Mercury News. “We look at him just like all the other guys we’re looking at. It was good to get to meet him and talk to him. Besides that, I’m looking at him on film just like everyone else.”

Last year at this time Kaepernick seems like a potential fit for Chip Kelly’s uptempo offense. But Shanahan has made it clear that he is seeking a polished quarterback who is poised in the pocket and can properly execute a full check down. Kaepernick, for all his raw talent, is not that guy.

Shanahan’s hire, along with general manager John Lynch, has turned given San Francisco a shiny new luster. Whomever ends up under center this year should further fit the franchise’s narrative of change.