Positively Gruden: Chiefs v. Packers: Adoring Aaron Rodgers

Welcome to another rendition of Positively Gruden, where we chronicle the top gushes, guffaws, and gesticulations from America’s favorite fawning former coach.  If there’s one thing Jon Gruden loves, it’s efficient offenses, which was on prime display Monday night with Aaron Rodgers the Packers.  Gruden could barely contain his excitement in comparing Rodgers to Joe Montana, Stephen Curry, and yes, even Muhammed Ali.  This made for a non-stop lovefest, with Grudenisms flying off the TV screen. The game itself was essentially secondary, but we were prepared for that with Alex “checkdown” Smith no match for the high-powered Packers offense.

As always, top Grudenisms are graded on a sliding scale of hyperbole, vivid imagery, and outright absurdity.

I like Kelce. A lot of energy in that body, Mike.”

On Clay Matthews, “What a pro football player he is. His football IQ must be off the CHARTS.”

Eddie Lacy is a PHYSICAL presence.”

On Aaron Rodgers, “Rare combination of quickness, Mike. He’s got the quickest arm, and the quickest mind. He loves to compete.”

More Rodgers, “This is a clinic on how to play quarterback. He’s got some of the best rushers in the world putting him under fire.  He never panics. Two hands on the ball, eyes down field.  And an unbelievable awareness of where all five eligible receivers are.”

On the Chiefs offense, “3rd Down and 9, against Dom Capers, in Lambeau, down 14. GOOD LUCK.”

You can tell [Chiefs defensive coordinator] Bob Sutton used to work with Rex Ryan of the New York Jets. He dials up some NASTY pressures.”

On Randall Cobb. “For a young receiver, he sure has scored a lot of touchdowns, Mike.”

Every time you see [James] Starks play, something good happens. He can run it, he can catch it, and he’s obviously good in clutch situations.”

Clay Matthews is amazing, Mike.  I don’t know very many players that I’ve seen that can do what Clay Matthews is doing. Mastering two positions in the National Football League in prime time. What a performer he is.”

Aaron Rodgers, I don’t know, he’s a like coaches dream because he’s a great player, he’s so prepared, and he never misses anything.”

More Cobb, “You can see why he took a pay cut to stay here.  He’ll go to the Hall of Fame if he stays healthy with this quarterback. Good night!

Look at [Julius] Peppers, Mike. How’d you like to see his factor grade? All the negatives plays that he has caused and still going strong. Over 100 sacks, double-digit interceptions. How many penalties has he forced, batted passes.  He’s something else!

On Mike McCarthy and Andy Reid, “You won’t find many people like these two in terms of work ethic and hiring and developing players.  They spend a lot of time giving back to their organization and teammates.  They’re special.

I’d like to be Mike Daniels’ agent.” 

Randall Cobb in the slot. I had a conversation with him on the bus. If you put Randall Cobb in the slot, you can argue he’s one of the top 2 or 3 in football.”

On Aaron Rodgers, ““His feet remind me of Joe Montana, the old 49er quarterback, Mike.”

More Rodgers, “he’s electrifying with his feet, he’s like Ali. He can throw any punch at any time, and it’s all in his feet.” (Gruden likes feet more than Rex Ryan)

On Clay Matthews, “he’s one of those throwback Green Bay Packers that would have played in Super Bowl I.  He’d play both ways if you let him.”

On Super Bowl I, “my favorite game ever, Mike.”