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The Football Girl - Becuase Women Love Football Too

Fitz on Fantasy: 2015 Preseason Rankings

Adrian Peterson has been a big headache for the Vikings but he won't disappoint fantasy owners this season.

NFL Afterlife: A Conversation with Former WR Joe Horn

The outspoken former Saints receiver doesn't hold back on Roger Goodell, Deflategate and much more!

Give Johnny Manziel Some Respect

After almost three months in rehab, Manziel has finally earned the benefit of the doubt.

Show Your Football Girl Pride

It's one thing to read The Football Girl. It's another thing to be a Football Girl.


Feat. Football Girl

Maia Chaka, a Conference USA official in the NFL's elite development program is following in the footsteps of Sarah Thomas.

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Crossword Games

Patriots offensive line bonded by down and across.

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Rookie Roundup

Meet a QB who doubles as a dodgeball champ!

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Tweets of the Day

  • Mike Vick, Jets QB

    Flacco is the best come playoff time. His #'s speak for self

    01-10-2015 | @ MikeVick
  • Deion Sanders, Hall of Famer

    Funny when you have a losing team and goes off on the sidelines he's criticized but when you're winning he's encouraging the team

    11-27-2014 | @ DeionSanders
  • Robert Griffin III, Washington Quarterback

    It's unfortunate that anyone would take a piece of my press conference & say I threw my teammates under the bus. These men are my family

    11-17-2014 | @ RGIII

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