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Tweets of the Day

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  • Mike Vick, Jets QB

    Flacco is the best come playoff time. His #'s speak for self

    01-10-2015 | @ MikeVick
  • Deion Sanders, Hall of Famer

    Funny when you have a losing team and goes off on the sidelines he's criticized but when you're winning he's encouraging the team

    11-27-2014 | @ DeionSanders
  • Robert Griffin III, Washington Quarterback

    It's unfortunate that anyone would take a piece of my press conference & say I threw my teammates under the bus. These men are my family

    11-17-2014 | @ RGIII
  • JJ Watt, Texans DE

    That was fun.
    11-16-2014 | @ JJWatt
  • Jamaal Charles, Chiefs Running Back

    Congrats to the youngster on breaking the NCAA Single Game Rushing Record. 408 yards and still counting.....

    11-15-2014 | @ jcharles25
  • Kyle Long, Bears Guard

    I'm going onTwitter vacation... Who knows when I'll be back.. Until then gonna be Bearing down as hard as I possibly can. Peace Love %Bears

    11-15-2014 | @ Ky1eLong
  • DeMarcus Van Dyke, Raiders CB

    RIP Mr. Davis! You are truly missed

    10-08-2014 | @ D_VanDyke8
  • DeAngelo Williams, Panthers RB

    I don't know why wednesday is spelled like it is, but i hope u all have a lovely one nonetheless lol

    10-08-2014 | @ DeAngeloRB
  • Steve Smith, Panthers RB

    Say what you that Lion is awake, And it ain't nothing you or anybody else can do about it!

    09-28-2014 | @ 89SteveSmith
  • Arian Foster, Texans RB

    Everybody is just riding the media wave. There has been tons of dv cases throughout the years where was all this support then? Its political

    09-16-2014 | @ ArianFoster
Showing 1 - 10 of 100 NFL Headlines | Page 1 of 10