Daily Cut of Meat: Get lost in Peyton Manning’s luscious forehead


Ed. Note: Since our inception, we at TFG have made it our mission to develop content that stands above the “clickbait” found on most Internet sports sites and deliver insightful and unique commentary for male and female football fans alike. But we can’t help but get a little jealous of our male-driven competition who have succeeded in, er, augmenting their coverage with a little gratuitous eye candy. 

Of course, with a site named TheFootballGirl.com it would be a little disingenuous to get into the WAG/cheerleader/women-loosely-affiliated-with-sports-if-you-strain-all-logic game. It’s also quite sexist. That’s why we’ve created our “Daily Cut of Meat” segment (DCOM for short) featuring NFL players in all their visual glory. 

Is it gratuitous and objectifying? It sure the hell is. But we’re just using men for clicks like men have been using women since the creation of the mouse. Just give it some time and the whole thing will become second nature.

For today’s DCOM, we pay homage to the legendary Peyton Manning in honor of his upcoming appearance hosting The ESPYs this Wednesday. Now, most of our readership wouldn’t consider Manning a sex symbol, but I wholeheartedly disagree.  I can’t tell how many times I’ve fantasized about lathering up that massive forehead while Manning whispers sweet Omaha into my ears. Just take a look at this thing.  

Peyton Manning's forehead

Not only is it sexy, but you’ll always have that comfort that you never need to wear reflective material while riding a bike at night. 

Unlike his exhibitionist brother, Peyton keeps it classy, and it’s quite hard to find any pictures of him that show any modicum of skin.  But after scouring the dark web, I was able to find this grainy shot of Peyton in college.

Manning shirtless

Sadly, time took its toll on old P. Middy, but still looking good here for a guy who’s had 28 neck surgeries.

But even in these compromising shots, it’s impossible to shake the pheromones emanating from that ample frontal lobe. Come Wednesday night, I’ll be settling into my DirecTV with my Papa John’s cheese sticks, chicken parm, and getting ready for Peyton to take me to Nebraska one last time.  



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