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Home » News and Features » Jeff Hart: Wednesday Linkfest for January 4, 2012

Jeff Hart: Wednesday Linkfest for January 4, 2012

By: Jeff Hart | Posted: January 04, 2012

Remember yesterday when I mentioned that Tim Tebow stories have been tapering off? Spoke too soon. Apparently, the Broncos aren’t the only ones depending on Tebow for some kind of miracle. Check out this mess:


Michele Bachmann finished dead last in yesterday’s Iowa caucus, so maybe that Tebow magic only extends to crazy things he willingly endorses.

Not every Tebow-related creature is coming up a loser lately. For instance, a greyhound named The Flying Tim Tebow has been tearing it up down at the dog track.

Interested in crunching some numbers? Football Outsiders has salary cap and franchise tag related projections for every offense in the NFL. This will be an invaluable tool if you’re planning on applying for the Bears GM job.

Here is the definitive argument for why Aaron Rodgers should be the NFL’s most valuable player. A few weeks ago, I would’ve agreed that Rodgers was a no-brainer. That was before the Packers dropped a game to the Chiefs, Drew Brees broke the passing record, and the Packers looked just fine with Rodgers riding pine. Can’t we just let the NFC Championship settle this?

The Pedobear – which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – showed up for Penn State’s bowl game. Expect this to become an away game trend next season.  

Justin Tuck called the Atlanta Falcons offensive line “dirtbags,” continuing the recent trend of the Giants talking a lot of junk before games. However, this isn’t the first time that the Falcons O-line has been put on blast. I guess it just doesn’t mean as much when Ndamukong Suh makes the accusation.

Lastly, we’ve seen a lot of bad tattoos this year (one, in particular, could finally pay off this weekend). As horrible ideas go, does this Stevie Johnson bicep piece outshine them all? Who is tattooed on the other arm? Peerless Price? 

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