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Why This 49ers Fan is Dreading Tonight

By: The Football Girl | Posted: September 26, 2013


The good news is that I have a friend in town and because of social duties will be watching tonight’s San Francisco-St. Louis matchup on a 45 minute delay. That’s pretty much the equivalent to watching it in horror movie fashion, with the eyes mostly covered. Of course these days, that is just fine. 

My husband is getting quite perturbed at my 49ers anxiety so for a split second please allow me to exchange my national writer cap for my Kap jersey. Here’s why I’m scared shitless for tonight’s matchup and in general.

1)  No Aldon. Willis likely out. Vernon Davis not 100%. In other words, the Rams will not be shut out. (As if that would happen anyhow.)

2)  Greg Roman seems to have lost it. Very little coaching savvy these days.

3)  On a related note, nobody has yet to properly explain why Frank Gore was abandoned last week.

4)  Not surprisingly, Frank Gore is an unhappy camper.

5)  The 49ers WRs are getting no separation. Like none.

6)  Mike Mayock, ever the technical one, will clearly and aptly elaborate on all of San Francisco’s schematic issues.

7)  Even after fielding a Super Bowl-ready team last season, Jeff Fisher still out game planned the 49ers, resulting in one win and one tie.

8)  This version of the 49ers is vastly inferior.

9)  The notion just two weeks ago that this was the likeliest Super Bowl champion (according to Vegas), makes the fall from grace even harder.

10) Thursday night games suck in general. So even if the 49ers are surprisingly ready, it will still be a terrible watch.

11) Faith in Harbaugh is a thing of the past.

12) The Seahawks are better than expected.

13) Colin Kaepernick look like a deer in headlights and gets rid of the ball a split to a half second too soon.

14) Meanwhile, Alex Smith is 3-0

15) I own an oversized male Kap jersey (only available option on Super Bowl Sunday in New Orleans).  The only other jersey I own is Alex Smith as a Niner. Ugh on both accounts. 

16) I’m preemptively concerned that the 49ers will lose to Jacksonville at Wembley on October 27th, thus tarnishing American football on a world stage.

17) Candlestick for all its warts deserves a better goodbye.

18) Did I mention Jeff Fisher owns the 49ers? If Fisher and Pete Carroll own the Niners, which they do, where’s the hope?


OK, I’m done. Thanks for listening. 


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