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Time to Catch Up On Our Backup Quarterbacks

By: The Football Girl | Posted: April 01, 2013


The world of backup quarterbacks is not the sexiest topic in the world, well except to a certain girl I know who won a lot of money betting against Jim Sorgi and the Colts every preseason from 2007-2010. This offseason has seen such an unusually high turnover rate, that a light deserves to be shone on the “position.” (Besides, we really should start prepping for Rounds 13-15 of our fantasy drafts.) Who is #2? Who may be #1? And who is # looking for work? Let’s break it down by affected teams:


OAKLAND: There are strong rumors afloat that Seattle is on the verge of trading Matt Flynn to the Raiders. There is a chance the Raiders retain Carson Palmer, but he’s more likely to go elsewhere. That would make Flynn #1 and Terrelle Pryor #2…unless the Raiders go for a quarterback in the draft.  (Side note: Considering Flynn got shoved to the side last season by a surprisingly ready Russell Wilson, I for one, am antsy to see his potential on display. Double side note: Pete Carroll is a genius.)


SEATTLE: Will almost definitely be signing a new backup soon. Stay tuned.


TENNESSEE: The Titans released veteran Matt Hasselbeck and immediately signed Ryan Fitzgerald to back up Jake Locker. Wake up, will you?


CLEVELAND: It’s Brandon Weeden vs. Jason Campbell, the latter of whom was signed last week.  Weeden would figure to have the edge, but largely by default. If Campbell could show glimpses of the old Campbell and not the newish Campbell we saw filling for Jay Cutler last year, then he could make a case to start.


CHICAGO: Jay Cutler #1 Josh McCown #2 The Bears may not be done in the quarterback department. Stay tuned.


SAN FRANCISCO: With the completed Alex Smith/Kansas City trade, the Niners are in need of a backup for Colin Kaepernick.  Carson Palmer has expressed interest.


BUFFALO: The Bills signed Kevin Kolb, and for now he is the presumed starter with Tavaris Jackson as the backup. Thus the Bills have to nab a quarterback in the draft, right?


NEW YORK JETS: Tim Tebow #2 Rinse and repeat.


CINCINNATI: The Bengals signed Josh Johnson to back up Andy Dalton.


INDIANAPOLIS: The Colts signed Matt Hasselbeck to back up Andrew Luck. Chandler Harnish could compete with Hasselbeck for the #2 slot come training camp.


PITTSBURGH: The Steelers signed Bruce Gradkowski to back up Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben’s most recent backups were Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich.


Got all that?

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