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TFG Thursday Linkfest: RIP James Gandolfini

By: The Football Girl | Posted: June 20, 2013


Links That Matter 

Trying to connect the dots between tight end Aaron Hernandez and a recent homicide near his home is an exercise in confusion. The fact that Hernandez is also accused of a shooting a man in a Florida strip club this past February is flat out sobering. Not the best of times for the young tight end from Bristol, Connecticut.


Joe Fortenbaugh at National Football Post questions whether New England’s annual spot as a Super Bowl contender may be coming to an end.


And in even more Patriots news, Wes Welker believes he was undervalued in New England.


Some laud Roger Goodell for significant improvements to player safety, while others, namely players, criticism the commissioner for softening the game. Goodell hopes his legacy is the former.


If you play fantasy (and who doesn’t?) ESPN released a nice, comprehensive list of both sleepers and busts.


RIP to immensely talented and iconic James Gandolfini.  Here he is taking in a Jets/Bills game in 2011.



Links That Matter Less

Not sure why New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s views on sports matter much, but if you’d like to know his favorite NFL team it’s the….(sorry, you have to click).


49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley likes to have fun with his teammates…especially those with “gore” in their names.


I don’t know about you but the last person I’d want to face in a paintball match is Ray Lewis.


Bill James, noted baseball historian, doesn’t find the Redskins nickname offensive in the least.



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