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TFG Wednesday Linkfest: 'Don't Make Me Laugh'

By: The Football Girl | Posted: July 03, 2013


Bristol County Sheriff doesn’t believe Aaron Hernandez deserves to get married. Or exercise. Or eat anything more sophisticated than chop suey. (In more surprising news, chop suey still exists.)

When I saw this article titled, “Five Reasons Why You Should Let Your Son Play Football,” I was really hoping it was written by a mom.  Alas, it is not. In fact, the author is NFL agent, Jack Bechta. But he makes a compelling argument worth reading.


Ben Roethlisberger is one of the most successful unconventional quarterbacks in NFL history. Here’s a really well done, in-depth look at how Big Ben does it.


As for quarterbacks on the other end of the spectrum, here is Kevin Kolb being ranked no. 30 by Ron Jaworski.


More disturbing NFL player off-the field news as 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks may be charged for assaulting his teammate Lamar Divens.  Divens was assaulted after trying to stop Brooks from driving while intoxicated. Ugh.


Congrats to Browns cornerback Joe Haden on tying the knot. And further congrats to the new Mrs. Haden for having a husband who would wear THIS SHIRT (sweat stain between the pecs and all!).


Looks like Jay-Z will be making even more friends in NFL circles with a lyric from his new album, “Magna Carta Holy Grail.”


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