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Why is Marc Trestman of the Montreal Alouettes an NFL Head Coaching Candidate?

By: The Football Girl | Posted: January 10, 2013

He looks more like a team’s general counsel than its head coach. He hasn’t sniffed the NFL in almost a decade. He doesn’t even work in the United States. So why is Marc Trestman, the head coach of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes, a candidate for both the Chicago and Cleveland head coaching jobs?

Trestman, a former attorney, spent most of 1985 to 2004 touring the NFL as an offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach. In his 17 years in the NFL (he took two years off), Trestman earned paychecks from the 49ers, Cardinals, Raiders, Browns, Lions, Dolphins, Buccaneers and Vikings. In other words, he has amassed a LOT of contacts.

While highly regarded as a coordinator – Trestman had 13 playoff appearances as a coach – he never was hired as an NFL head coach. Columnist Clark Judge, who profiled Trestman in 2009, concluded that his lack of opportunities were because he was perceived as, “…too nice or too docile or too cerebral or just not head-coaching material, whatever that means.”

Trestman proved his head-coaching chops after finally getting an opportunity in the CFL. After taking the Alouettes job in 2008, he led his team to Grey Cup championships in both 2009 and 2010. And at this point, he is arguably the league’s most well-respected coach.

Some NFL front offices took notice, and Trestman was brought in to interview for the Colts head coaching job last season that eventually went to Chuck Pagano. Perhaps the Colts interview legitimized him as a candidate, particularly in a year like 2013 when there aren’t exactly a lot of Jim Harbaughs or Pete Carrolls floating around.

But really helping Trestman’s case, particularly with the Browns and Bears is that he served as a quarterback consultant to both Jay Cutler and Brandon Weeden. Both organizations are well aware that their quarterbacks would benefit from a position guru in the head spot, and one they are familiar with has ot be a positive. Not helping Trestman’s case, however, is that Tim Tebow is also on his list of pupils.

To learn even more about Trestman, check out his comprehensive website. You can even set it to French! Also, every head coaching candiate should set up a resume site. 

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