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Super Bowl XLVII: Sneak Peek at This Year's Super Bowl Commercials

By: Kim O'Hara | Posted: January 29, 2013

If you've ever attended a Super Bowl party, then you know you can always count on at least one guest who's "just there for the commercials". Whether he studied advertising or she considers herself a connoisseur of comedy, someone will not be using precious ad breaks to run to the bathroom or refill her beer. That's what all that football is for. 

But even if you're a fan of the 49ers, Ravens or the game itself, the four hours of action Sunday evening result in some of the year's most clever and moving advertisements. Super Bowl Sunday is to advertising as, um, Super Bowl Sunday is to football. It's the pinnacle of each year for both professional football players and folks in the commercial game.

How important is advertising during the Super Bowl? According to the NFL, last year's matchup between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots was seen by 159.2 million viewers (who watched at least 6 minutes). That's more people watching the Super Bowl than voting in our latest Presidential election. In fact, the 21 most-watched television programs ever are all Super Bowls. 

With that in mind, we're hooking you up with a handful of pre-released Super Bowl commercials from some perennial Super Bowl presences: Volkswagen, Coke, Doritos, Fiat and Mercedes-Benz. Check out the videos below, enjoy, and feel free to spoil one or two the day of. 

I'm partial to fathers teaching their sons to throw in front of Volkswagens, but this isn't half bad:

Watch the Coke ad below and vote on an ending at

Doritos' "Crash the Super Bowl" contest has resulted in some incredibly entertaining ads in recent years. Here are 2013's Top 5 Finalists:

It wouldn't be the Super Bowl without hot chicks and cars. Thanks to Fiat and Mercedes-Benz for our last two ads:

The only problem with watching all these ads on Tuesday morning is how little football there is go to between them. Is it Sunday yet?


Kim O'Hara is the Associate Editor of She is an avid fan of sports in general, but the NFL in particular. She has also been a contributor to ESPN the Magazine. Follow her on Twitter: @KimOHaraTFG    

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