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Super Bowl XLVII: Katherine Webb Q&A

By: The Football Girl | Posted: January 31, 2013


Katherine Webb is A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend. This fact may have been lost in the symphony of her extreme beauty as conducted by ABC Sports announcer Brent Musburger during the BCS Championship.

Webb, now far more famous than her quarterback boyfriend, is in New Orleans this week working as a correspondent for “Inside Edition.” I ran into her at the Ravens media availability this morning.  Despite being accosted, she graciously answered my questions.


Melissa Jacobs: Is this your first Super Bowl?


Katherine Webb: It’s my first Super Bowl ever and my first time being in New Orleans. I am having an absolute blast and I’m able to share my experience with others.


MJ: How much did you know about the NFL heading into this coverage?


KW: You know, I’m a big college football fan because A.J. plays for Alabama. But I watch football. I grew up watching football so I’m big football fan.


MJ: What have you learned about the NFL since being here?


KW: I’ve already known a little bit about NFL football. I had the comparisons with college football, too. So yeah, it’s a very cool experience seeing what happens behind the scenes and getting an inside look.


MJ: What was your NFL team growing up?


KW: I’d have to go with the regional team, the Atlanta Falcons. I’m from Atlanta so why not cheer for them.


MJ: So you weren’t happy a couple Sundays ago?


KW: I was all right. Right now I’m more focused on college rather than the National Football League.  These teams playing Sunday are amazing


MJ: Who’s the coolest person you’ve met this week, whether it be a celebrity or athlete?


KW: It’s so hard to pinpoint one person. Everyone is so talented and athletic in their own way.  I just interviewed some former Alabama players so that was cool.


MJ:  What are your future plans? Do you plan to do any more media gigs?

(Publicist chiming in): We already have Vanity Fair. She’s already doing Splash. She’s in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition coming out in February. Obviously we have a lot of other projects. 

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