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Super Bowl XLVII: Baltimore Players Discuss Myriad Ticket Requests

By: Kim O'Hara | Posted: January 30, 2013

If you have a friend or loved one in the NFL, and he ever makes it to the Super Bowl, keep something in mind: he probably won't be able to get you in for free. As two Ravens players discussed with Michael David Smith of, the demands of friends and family can take their toll on a player preparing for the biggest game of his career. Each player is given two free tickets to the game and the opportunity to purchase more at face value ($850-$1,250). Ravens linebacker Dannell Ellerbe, who is currently playing through an injury, explained:

“Everybody was thinking they could come to the Super Bowl and wanted me to pay for everything. That was the craziest. They were asking for food, new clothes, and everything. It was all from family. I’ve got 15 people coming. When I told them how much a ticket was they understood. I think they were just thinking the tickets were free. We only get two free.”

Ravens cornerback Corey Graham concurred with his teammate, saying:

“Everybody in your phone book is calling you and asking you if they can get tickets to the Super Bowl. Everybody assumes they’re free. It’s a tough situation. I just tried to put it all off on my wife and let her handle all that, all the hard work. I just try to prepare and get ready for the game which is the most important thing. You come out here, and it’s a great thing, but we’re here for one reason and that’s the most important thing is to play the game and have a good game and hope we win the game.”

It's not the first we've heard of friends and family assuming the role of hangers-on and, frankly, most players are probably accustomed to fielding any number of requests by the time they appear in the Super Bowl, but it's another example of professional athletes being exploited by their loved ones. So, once again, if your NFL pal (assuming you have one) ever does make it to the Super Bowl, at least offer to go halfsies on a ticket, would you?


Kim O'Hara is the Associate Editor of She is an avid fan of sports in general, but the NFL in particular. She has also been a contributor to ESPN the Magazine. Follow her on Twitter: @KimOHaraTFG    

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