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GIVEAWAY: Get Creative and Win a Patrick Willis Autographed Official NFL Football

By: The Football Girl | Posted: January 23, 2013


UPDATE: We have received some amazing entries and I'm antsy to share them with you. Thus we are ending the contest early -- tomorrow, Tuesday January 29th at 7 PM ET. Please submit your most creative ode to Patrcik Willis by then to be eligible for the football. The winner, and our favorite runner-ups will be featured in a "We Love Patrick Willis" piece that will be posted to the TFG home page on Wednesday. More information on the contest (with instructions on entering) are below. 


Just like Ray Lewis in Baltimore, Patrick Willis is the heart and soul of the San Francisco 49ers.  An all-Pro in every NFL season he has played starting in 2007, Willis has developed into arguably the NFL’s best inside linebacker.

This season, Willis has especially used his fame for good by partnering up with Duracell for the Trust Your Power program, which is helping to send underprivileged kids to ProCamps. The organization, which administers camps hosted by Willis and a multitude of top-flight NFL players, gives kids the chance to gain confidence and realize their power through football. Fans can do their part by tweeting with the #TrustYourPower hash tag. In return, Duracell will donate $1 per hash tag (up to $200,000) to help fund these scholarships. 

Willis’s partnership with Duracell runs much deeper than the name recognition he brings to the program. As a kid and throughout his life, Willis has faced many adversities, which have left him "trusting his own power" to succeed. He explains in this emotional video:



Onto the prized possession: the brand new Willis autographed Official NFL football we’re giving away. 

To win, please submit a short piece of content related to Patrick Willis. It can be a paragraph on what he’s meant to you, the story of naming your dog Willis, a photo wearing as much Willis paraphernalia as possible, a Willis poem. The more creative, the better.  Please send all entries to

The winner will be announced next Thursday 1/31 

The best submission wins the football. But all submissions deemed entertaining by our esteemed judges panel will be published in an “Ode to Patrick Willis” piece next Friday 2/1 that will be heavily featured on TFG throughout Super Bowl weekend.

Look forward to your entries, and good luck.  

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Arnold Drummond
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Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis?