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Three Random Super Bowl Week Experiences I Almost Forgot To Share

By: The Football Girl | Posted: February 12, 2013


Little is more obnoxious than random media people bragging about their Super Bowl week experiences. But with Mardi Gras here and thus, New Orleans very much on the brain (beignet withdrawal is no joke), I have three belated stories to share. I’m sorry; I can’t help myself.


Cool (and Inappropriate) Experience #1

You know that bitchy girl in high school, the one that was in student government but couldn’t bother to help out with the blood drive, the one that ultimately used looks and tanning beds and not many brain cells to snag the guy you had a crush on. You can’t help but wonder how she could be so charmed, but secretly know she has to be filled with inner torment because she really brings nothing genuine to the table.  How would you act if you ran into her? How would a bleeding liberal act if they met Dick Cheney? How would a Saints fan act if they met Roger Goodell?

It was Wednesday night at Emeril’s, where I was eating with my friend Bonnie-Jill Laflin and her USFL team.  There were enough famous names in there that night – LaDanian Tomlinson, Warren Sapp, Darren Sproles, and, oh yeah, Emeril, to name a few - that I almost didn’t notice Redskins general manager Bruce Allen get up to say hello as I passed by. Bruce remembered me from my days as a producer at KNBR Radio in San Francisco, which coincided with his as a Raiders executive. Our paths used to cross frequently through show bookings, on-site broadcasts or local events. In any event, Bruce (who I’m certain didn’t remember my name anymore) introduced his lovely wife and continued to make chitchat.  Having consumed 2-3 glasses of wine, I was friendly and boisterous and said something goofy to Bruce like, 'Congrats on your success, Mr. REDSKIN,' to which he replied, “actually THIS is Mr. Redskin.” Lo and behold, it was Dan Snyder who I honestly hadn’t noticed due to either his size or because I didn’t want to.

Snyder was awkward and pretty unfriendly as if he assumed I didn’t like him because most people don’t.  He was right, I don’t like most of his moves as an owner, but more importantly I don’t like how he’s treated Redskins fans with his stupid fees and reprehensible ticket price increases. In a moment of empowerment, I was only marginally friendly back to Snyder, choosing to focus more on the Allens for my remaining 90 seconds or so. Anyone who knows me understands this was so out of character, and probably not the best move for someone trying to make it with an NFL site. But I was proud.

OK, moving on. I promise they get better.


Cool (and Mortifying) Experience #2

One of the days I was running late to meet Colin Kaepernick’s agent at the 49ers hotel for this story about how Colin’s rapid rise affected his agency. I was lucky to flag down a cab from the media center and was fine until it slowed a few blocks up. A man in a suit had also hailed him and the cab driver not only demanded that suit guy get to ride with us, but also that he was dropping off suit guy first since he had the nearest hotel. The first part I understood (ride sharing was common that week) but I was in a rush.  I threw a mini-tantrum until suit guy calmly said he was fine with me being dropped off first. Once I took a few deep breaths, suit guy decided to make small talk. Here’s how it went down: 


Suit Guy: Are you from New York? You seem like you’re from New York.

Me: No I’m from San Francisco.

Suit Guy: Are you a 49ers fan?

Me: Right now I’m media. But yes, I will be all 49ers fan on Sunday. Where are you from?

Suit Guy: Seattle

Me: Oh, are you a Seahawks fan then?

Suit Guy: You could say that. I’m the President of the Seahawks. Hi, Pete McLoughlin. Nice to meet you.


I gave Mr. McLoughlin my business card. I don’t expect to hear from him.


Cool (Just Flat Out, Cool) Experience #3

I was hanging in the media center on the Friday before the Super Bowl, chitchatting with Arthur Triche, the former Atlanta Hawks PR man turned radio producer. Someone wearing a lot of Gatorade paraphernalia jumped into our conversation and strongly encouraged us to go to their booth, where you stand in front of a black backdrop and they superimpose a Gatorade bath into your picture.  About 4-5 people were in front of us, and they all seemed pleased with their photos. Then it was my turn. I struck a cheesy  “I just won the Super Bowl and my massive offense tackle is about to pour artificially colored cold stuff on me” pose, which I thought I nailed. But they asked me to do it again. About a half second before the photog pressed click, a man jumped out from behind the curtain. Actually, not really a man – SUPERMAN. Yes, Cam Newton photobombed my picture. 


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