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TFG Team Predicts Super Bowl Winner and Worst NFL Team

By: The Football Girl | Posted: September 05, 2012

Making an early Super Bowl prediction is kind of like playing darts blindfolded.  You have a general direction where your dart is headed but wouldn’t be surprised if it banged the wall five feet from the bullseye, fell to the ground and went to cheap plastic heaven.

With that in mind, the TFG team gathered for a little dart tournament. We all picked the Super Bowl matchup and winner, and as a bonus we predicted who winds up with the no. 1 overall pick in the 2013 draft.

Join us!


TARA AUSTIN, Contributor and resident handicapper

Super Bowl: Houston over Philadelphia 

The Dream Team cometh one year late.  The Eagles put it all together and make it to the Super Bowl, where they come up short to the Houston Texans.   Philadelphia’s offensive stars sure do make games fun and exciting, but we all know that DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. 

#1 Overall Pick in 2013 Draft: Cleveland Browns.


MELISSA JACOBS, Managing Editor

Super Bowl: San Francisco over Denver 

I don’t like teams with holes. With the Niners and Broncos I see very. The Niners are returning all eleven starters on defense, and Alex Smith has an improved aerial attack. (Hello, supposedly reformed Randy Moss!). And here’s a deep, dark secret – Smith is insanely clutch in big games.  The offensive line isn’t perfect, but it’s better than most, and the team has 25 running backs you’ve probably heard of (Gore, Jacobs, Hunter, etc.).  Denver is a similarly stacked team with a quarterback who’s been there done that and at 80% could easily end up in the top 5. The 49ers get the pick because of gutsy, inspiring coaching.

#1 Overall Pick in 2013 Draft: Miami Dolphins


JUDGE ED, Fantasy Ethicist

Super Bowl: New England over Detroit

Fittingly taking place in the New Orleans Superdome, what will become known as the "Cheaters Bowl" will feature the infamous Bill Belichick and his New England Patriots taking on the brash Jim Schwartz and his hard hitting Detroit Lions. The notion that cheaters never win will prove false as Tom Brady and his potent offense prove too much for the surprising Lions to handle. 

#1 Overall Pick in 2013 Draft: NY Jets (It's the year of the cheater, not the year of Tebow)


KIM O’HARA, Associate Editor

Super Bowl: Pittsburgh over Green Bay 

I know. This is a utopian, homer prediction if ever I've seen one. But the Rashard Mendenhall replacement-by-committee approach will condition young RB's Isaac Redman, Jonathan Dwyer, Baron Batch and Chris Rainey for a postseason run. Mike Wallace will shake off a subpar 2011 second half and any holdout-induced cobwebs to perform like the contract year it is while Antonio Brown continues to improve and Emmanuel Sanders stays healthy for the full season. On the defensive side, young players like Jason Worilds, Ziggy Hood and Cameron Heyward improve by leaps and bounds as LaMarr Woodley delivers a career year in 16 healthy starts. Green Bay came this close to a perfect 2011 season before falling victim to unstoppable postseason juggernaut New York Giants, and I'm positive they haven't forgotten it. Aaron Rodgers will play like Aaron Rodgers, a slightly upgraded defense will give the Packers' potent offense the support it deserves, and they'll play two games at Lambeau before appearing in New Orleans. Early concerns about the run game will nag all season before ultimately costing the Pack their second Lombardi Trophy in three years, and the Steelers will bring home number seven. 

#1 Overall Pick in 2013 Draft: St. Louis Rams


CLINT OLDENBURG, Contributor and former NFL offensive lineman

Super Bowl: New England over Chicago

With Cutler getting Brandon Marshall back, plus Matt Forte and a stellar defense, all the Bears need is offensive line consistency and they will be dangerous. The Patriots will win their final Super Bowl in the Belichick/Brady era to cement their legacies – nobody has done more with less than those two and they have added some key pieces this year with the defense in the draft and Brandon Lloyd. They will be scary and win the whole thing again.

#1 Overall Pick in 2013 Draft: San Diego Chargers



Super Bowl: San Francisco over Houston

When I look into my crystal ball, I see the San Francisco 49ers battling it out on the gridiron with the Houston Texans. Both have ferocious and dynamic defenses. The Houston Texans – slowly, but surely – have proven that the Dallas Cowboys aren’t the only NFL team in Texas.  Last season, they won their first playoff win in franchise history, giving them the required drive and dedication to go all the way. As for the Niners, Jim Harbaugh led the team to the brink of the NFC Championship game last season. With new additions selected during the offseason and a more confident coach’s second year, the Niners will win Super Bowl XLVII. Selfishly, I hope they do because I picked their defense for my fantasy team.

#1 Overall Pick in 2013 Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars


STEPHANIE TAYLOR, Managing Editor, 

Super Bowl: Atlanta over Houston

This pick is based more on a process of elimination than anything else.  I used the teams that made the playoffs last year as my starting 12 and eliminated the ones I didn't like.

In the AFC it was easy because Tennessee has a new QB, New England just lost the Super Bowl, and I just don't have much faith in the AFC North this year. In the NFC it was somewhat more challenging because I think Green Bay and San Francisco both have solid chances.  But if Green Bay winning means I have to endure more discount double-check commercials, then I will pray every night that they lose.  And I didn't pick the 49ers because I prefer the other Harbaugh brother. 

#1 Overall Pick in 2013 Draft: St. Louis Rams


THE WISE GUY, Media Columnist and Gruden specialist

Super Bowl: Houston over Green Bay

Taking away injuries, Houston was the most complete team in the NFL last year.  In the NFC, hard not to go with by far the best offensive who will be playing with a huge chip on their shoulder.  In the game itself, Houston gets the nod by virtue of their superior pass rush.  Just ask the Giants how that works.

#1 Overall Pick in 2013 Draft: Minnesota Vikings 

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