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TFG Interview: Nick Lachey

By: The Football Girl | Posted: October 11, 2012

Nick Lachey is known for a lot of things: 98 Degrees, a breadth of reality shows, his lovely wife Vanessa (with whom he just welcomed a son, Camden), his dancing brother, and most notably for our purposes, his love of sports.

I had a chance to talk a little NFL with Lachey, who as much as I would like to believe spoke to me out of the goodness of his heart, did so as part of his relationship with Tide and their “Show Us Your Colors” online photo campaign.


Melissa Jacobs: Thanks so much for joining me, Nick. First off, let's take care of business. Tell me about how you got involved with Tide and a little about the "Show Us Your Colors" promotion.

Nick Lachey: I’m very proud to be partnering with Tide here and I’m obviously a huge football fan, a Bengals fan. I know how important it is to proudly sport your team colors. The colors are more than colors; they represent those memories we have of cheering our hometown team growing up. As a father myself, it’s excited to think about molding Camden into a Bengals fan.

As for the promotion, we are encouraging everyone to post online at Tide’s Facebook page a moment where you were most proud to sport your colors. For me it’s pretty obvious, the first time getting to watch a Bengals game with Camden. Basically by submitting your picture you’ll be automatically entered to win an all-expenses-paid trip to the Super Bowl. Sport your pride and maybe go to the Super Bowl.

Melissa Jacobs: We’ll see if your Bengals will get an all-expenses-paid trip to the Super Bowl. What when wrong last week? 

Nick Lachey: (Laughing) You really want to know? Our old secondary coach is now the defensive coordinator in Miami. He had a pretty good idea of what we were going to run, even better than we knew what we were going to run. Their defense looked really good. We got kind of embarrassed there.

Melissa Jacobs: What excites your most about this Bengals team? 

Nick Lachey: What I’m most excited about is the future. I mean, we have a lot of players in place that will be good for a long time – Andy Dalton and A.J. Green, obviously, being the cornerstones of the future.  I think the team is headed in a positive direction and for the first time in a long time, the future looks bright.



Nick and newborn son, Camden


Melissa Jacobs: I read somewhere about your hatred for the 49ers. I think the reason for this obvious, but given that your last Super Bowl loss was about 22 years ago, do you really still hold a grudge?

Nick Lachey: It may have been 22 years ago, but for me it feels like yesterday. And yes, I hold a grudge. We’ve been in two Super Bowls and we lost both in very painful fashion to the 49ers. Growing up they were always the nemesis to us. Bill Walsh was a former Bengals coach, and went out there and started that whole thing.  But this is a new era and I’m wiling to turn a new leaf.

Melissa Jacobs: So you won’t be throwing things at the television if the 49ers have a spectacular play against the Giants on Sunday?

Nick Lachey: I only cheer against the 49ers when they play the Bengals.

Melissa Jacobs: Former Bengal Cris Collinswrth is perhaps the most polarizing broadcaster out there. What are your thoughts on Cris as an analyst?

Nick Lachey: I wouldn’t think of him that way, but I love Cris. Obviously we have a lot of pride in Cincinatti with him still being part of our community. I think he’s done a great job in taking over for of the all-time legends in John Madden. Big fan, love his work. And Cris is a also a great person for the community.

Melissa Jacobs: I’m a fan as well because I think he explains what is happening on the field so well, which is especially useful to some women of the women on my site who may be newer to the game.

Nick Lachey: You know I want to call out the women on your site and want to see some great pictures of the female fans out there sporting their colors. They are a huge part of the NFL community.

Melissa Jacobs: There are more NFL players then ever doing commercials. Who has the best acting chops?

Nick Lachey: Boy it’s hard to go against Tom Brady and the new Dodge Dart commercials. The guy looks like a superhero.. But I think all-in-all, and especially when it comes to not taking himself too seriously, I like Peyton Manning. He’s so comfortable on camera. He has such an easy way he delivers lines. I like Peyton the best.

Melissa Jacobs: Last question. If you were cast to play an NFL player, who would it be?

Nick Lachey: I think I’d want to play John Riggins from the Washington Redskins. Hard-nosed, good ole white guy. Riggins is my guy.

Melissa Jacobs: Thanks so much.

Nick Lachey: Thank you. Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention. In terms of team pride, whichever team gets the most photos posted will receive $15,000 for a local charity.


To learn more about the “Show Us Your Colors” contest and submit your photo, click here.

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