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Which NFL Player Wore the Best Halloween Costume?

By: Melissa Jacobs and Kim O'Hara | Posted: November 01, 2012

Another Halloween is in the memory banks, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate the NFL players who got into the spirit.

Who had an All-Pro costume? Your candidates are….


Saints QB Drew Brees and baby Baylen (baby no more) dressed as Iron Man:


Jags kicker Josh Scobee as Bane:


Cardinals kicker Jay Feely as Bono (I think):



Falcons WR Roddy White as a pimp:


Chargers LB Takeo Spikes as a zombie (or something else terrifying):



Bills WR Stevie Johnson as Chan Gailey:


 Also, here is 49ers QB Alex Smith dressed up as an Avenger (with his superhero wife and son). (Via Niners Nation)

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