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Week 12 Features TWELVE Rookie or Second-Year Starting Quarterbacks

By: The Football Girl | Posted: November 25, 2012

Say you’ve been stuck in a hole for a few years or just swore off football for some reason. If you decided to get reacquainted with the NFL this week you are probably wondering who the heck are all these new faces under center.  You’re not seeing things because Week 12 features TWELVE starting quarterbacks who are rookies or in their second-year.

Check out this roll call of baby quarterbacks:



Nick Foles, Eagles

Robert Griffin III, Redskins

Ryan Lindley, Cardinals

Andrew Luck, Colts

Ryan Tannehill, Dolphins

Brandon Weeden, Browns

Russell Wilson, Seahawks



Andy Dalton, Bengals

Colin Kaepernick, 49ers

Jake Locker, Titans

Cam Newton, Panthers

Christian Ponder, Vikings


The world of quarterbacks is always intriguing but even moreso with this extreme trend toward youth.  A quick glance at the list reveals guys who clearly won’t be starting in 2013, or possibly even next week. However, many of these quarterbacks are franchise quality and have found their home for years to come. 

That means the pickins’ are slim for Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, and the entire 2013 quarterback draft class, at least to come in as a bona fide starter next season. There will be a few openings (Kansas City, and perhaps Jacksonville, New York and Oakland), but for the most part the coveted role of “quarterback as franchise savior” is a bit backed up at the moment. 

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