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Jim Harbaugh's Mixed Messages About Quarterback Situation Trickle Down to Vernon Davis

By: The Football Girl | Posted: November 26, 2012

Ask Vernon Davis about Colin Kaepernick. Then ask him about Alex Smith. You’ll get the same response – each quarterback is “the man.”

Last Monday night when Kaepernick exploded onto the scene and had a field day with Chicago’s coveted defense, Davis bowed to the second-year quarterback (literally), and called him “the man,” all before putting him in the category of Tom Brady.

This week when asked about Alex Smith, who has largely hidden under a helmet following his sad face at Kaepernick’s first touchdown, Davis said he thinks Smith is “still the man.” And in a move that won’t help the obvious locker room tension, Davis added, “Alex is still our guy.”


Nothing has changed in a week. Kaepernick had another impressive outing against the Saints, showing off his rocket arm, velocity, elite scrambling ability and other assets that Alex Smith is lacking.  However, after two relatively easy wins with a lot of defensive help, he remains untested.  Smith is the safe guy. His toolbox is smaller than Kaepernick, but he doesn’t make mistakes and has a history of being clutch.

For Davis statistically, though, Week 11 and Week 12 couldn’t have been a bigger disparity. Against Chicago, Davis after several weeks of quiet busted out of his “handcuffs” for 6 catches, 83 yards and a touchdown.

But yesterday, Davis laid a goose egg. He had one target, which looked uncatchable due to its extreme velocity. So maybe Alex Smith, who threw most of Davis’s 31 touchdowns over the past four years, doesn’t look like such a bad alternative after all.

The comments from Davis illustrate an obvious issue in the 49ers locker room – Jim Harbaugh’s indecisiveness. Mind games are fun and all and perhaps throw off an opponent, but pick a quarterback, and stick with him. And make sure to relay your decision to the rest of your players.  The mixed messages need to stop. 

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Posts: 1
To Cutler Apologist
Reply #2 on : Mon November 26, 2012, 12:53:28
Understand we likes both guys. But he still should insinuate one quarterback is "our guy" when he's not. Unless Davis knows something that we don't know. This whole situation is giving me a headache. :)
Cutler Apologist
Posts: 5
Re: Jim Harbaugh's Mixed Messages About Quarterback Situation Trickle Down to Vernon Davis
Reply #1 on : Mon November 26, 2012, 12:43:30
Wow, the plot is definitely thickening in S.F. It's not all Chardonnay and locker room chants out there anymore. I'm not sure what Davis is supposed to say, though. He obviously likes both QBs on a personal level.