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TFG Thursday Linkfest: Sapphires and Big Macs

By: The Football Girl | Posted: May 17, 2012

Today is going to be a big “Hard Knocks” day at TFG. You’ll see why later. Let us begin with the shocking revelation from Mike Shanahan that the Skins would not participate in the training camp reality show.  I’ve been to a couple Shanahan press conferences, and believe me, he is doing the audience a favor. And really, does anyone want to see or hear Dan Snyder do anything? 

Keeping it in the NFC East where the Giants received a little something somthing yesterday….



As a girl, I automatically dig the sapphire explosion.  As a Niners fan, my official opinion is that it’s hideous and gaudy, simply perfect for a bunch of dudes from Jersey. (Why, Kyle Williams, why?!?!)

In David Brooks’s latest column, the conservative New York Times scribe describes the secret behind Barack Obama’s popularity to be his “ESPN masculinity.” The Classical, a sports site, basically uses this line to concoct a long piece ripping Brooks to shed for being rich, lazy, and uninformed. According to the latest polls, 51.7% of you will agree.

Tim Tebow has sent a cease and assist letter to the makers of a t-shirt that replaces the traditional “NY” logo underneath a “JETS” logo with “ MY” underneath “JESUS.”  C’mon Timmy, why in God’s name would you think this has anything to do with you?

Speaking of quarterbacks, I bet the Colts brass is pretty stoked with Andrew Luck finishing up classes in Palo Alto instead of learning their playbook.

Here’s a story about the NFLPA providing some sort of “Economic Truth About the New CBA” handout at the annual sports lawyers conference.  But really, my motive for you clicking this link is to happen upon an ad about a certain Hall of Fame quarterback starring in the upcoming summer blockbuster: “Soul Man: Real Estate Edition”

If you learn anything today please let it be that fast food makes you gain weight.  Bucs QB Josh Freeman lost 20 pounds by “eliminating the fourth meal.” Conversely, Jets RB Joe McKnight, gained 16 pounds by succumbing to the power of the golden arches.  Luckily for McKnight, he has a head coach who sets a good example when it comes to diet.

By the way, you remember McKnight from “Hard Knocks,” don’t you?

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