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TFG Thursday Linkfest: Moguls and Murders

By: The Football Girl | Posted: May 10, 2012

Chad Ochocinco may be without an NFL home soon, but he is still the league’s leading media mogul. Adding to his three million Twitter followers, his soon to be televised wedding, and the OCNN Network is his new OCNN Report blog.  Ochocinco boasts of his access to breaking news, which is seemingly true.  Hope we see a little more of that and a little less of this.


The draft is over, which means the barrage of mock fantasy drafts has begun.  Here’s ESPN’s first crack.  Seems like the usual suspects occupy the first round, with some injury/holdout concerns (Forte, Run DMC) dropping to the second.  Does this look right to you?

Just when you thought the NFL’s labor disputes were left to simmer for a while, you’re wrong. Turns out the referee union are embroiled in a battle with the league and the league is looking at scab refs. There are five gazillion jokes to insert here.

Here’s your typical NFL player (in this case, the Packers’ Sam Shields) kicks fiancée out and leaves her homeless story. As author Robert Littal so aptly puts it, “When you are totally dependent on a man, you have no power. 

In much sadder news the younger brother of Vernon and Vontae Davis has been charged with first-degree murder in Washington D.C..

And in closing, check out these powerful words from former Featured Football Girl Stephanie Stradley on’s recent attempts to troll for pageviews. Lauren Tannehill is very pretty, but c’mon!

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