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NFL Players Tackle Incontinence For Charity

By: The Football Girl | Posted: March 29, 2012

Among the myriad medical problems affecting current NFL players, incontinence probably ranks pretty low. That didn’t stop DeMarcus Ware, Clay Matthews and Wes Welker from starring a new ad for Depend and its new “Fit For Men” brand, set to debut on Monday.  As referenced in the spot, the players are testing out the new briefs for charity - $75,000 to the V Foundation to be exact.


The potential effectiveness of this ad is a curiosity. Most younger guys don’t suffer from incontinence, and most older men don’t need a tight fit to allow for football drills and other intense athletic feats.  But hey, it’s a sizeable check to a charity aiming to eradicate cancer.  And for Wes Welker in particular, what's really more mock-worthy in the locker room - an altruistic ad for bladder issues or a profitable one for effeminate men's shoes? 

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