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TFG Wednesday Linkest: Post-Valentine's Edition

By: The Football Girl | Posted: February 15, 2012

Because it is the “offseason” the grandest linkmaster of them all, DJ Jazzy Jeff Hart, will be mixing his ‘fests just twice a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays) until July. But let’s be honest, especially for you Peytonites out there, there is no offseason.  So I will do my best to fill Jeff’s shoes when I can.  And since I was the one to find Jeff in the first place, my idea of a good link can’t be all that off. Right?

Let’s get start with this heartwarming Valentine’s Day tale from Steven Jackson. Some of us need love, a cute teddy bear, or at least 20% of the pieces in our box of chocolates to have caramel filling.  Jackson’s needs were much more simple.

Santonio Holmes needs his chocolate, and he received his wish from his apparent 2012 quarterback, Mark Sanchez.  Based on the late-season drama, there’s probably more “eww-ing” than “aww-ing” here.  Could pudginess be next on Holmes’ list of sins as a Jet?

One more post-Valentine’s day link for you guys, and this one is 100% gooey.  Read how some athletes proposed, including Greg Jennings who has the great proposal, greatest wife, and oh yeah, greatest quarterback ever. My Bears fan husband wants to punch Jennings in the face even more so now.  (Bonus: this piece was written by a future Pulitizer winner.)

You know which other quasi-Massachusettsian is doing better with the electoral map than Mitt Romney?  Why, it’s Rob Gronkowski, of course. SportsNation asked which breakout star you’d want on your team and the U.S. map lit up red – Rob red.

Apologies to Jeremy Lin.

Even though Jeff’s absence is only for two days I still feel an inherent duty to pay tribute by doing he does every linkfest now: bring you a Grantland story!  This one, about why the Best Animated Film category should be eliminated from the Oscars, especially caught my attention.  I couldn’t agree more. If there are no sub-categories for gender-benders, Aaron Sorkin screenplays or indie comedies with soundtracks you secretly find average but pretend are awesome, why single out G-rated films? 

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