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TFG Thursday Linkfest: Subject to Injury

By: The Football Girl | Posted: April 12, 2012

The race for EA Sports Madden ‘13 cover is down to the final four.  Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Calvin Johnson and Patrick Willis.  The victor is will be crowned in a few weeks, but the winner of the best curse-debunking campaign line – Subject to injury with or without the Madden cover – undoubtedly goes to Willis.  Also claimed by Willis are the longest odds to win this thing.  Of course you can bet on the Madden cover.  This is America!

Random thought: You know who has probably never played Madden before? John Madden.

Need a quick loan?  Look no further than Pro Player Funding.  Apparently they gave former Vikings OT Bryant McKinnie $4 million last year. And guess what?  Poor guy (literally) got cut and can’t make his payments anymore. Uh-oh.

One guy who won’t not need a loan any time soon is Hawkins Romo.


The little guy (8lb 8oz.),  born to Candice and Tony on Monday is simply adorable. (Side note: Candice Romo crushes Jessica Simpson in the upcoming US Weekly special section:  Who Wore Pregnancy Best – Tony Romo Lovers Edition.)

In case you hadn’t heard, there will be a little something happening in the concrete jungle where dreams are made exactly two weeks from today.  That’s right, the NFL Draft is quickly approaching.  One of my favorite draft analysts this season has been Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller.  Follow him on Twitter for all kinds of draft nuggets and analysis. But first, check out his latest piece where he ranks the Top 150 wide receivers in the NFL.  Yes, 150!  As in Clyde Gates might literally faint when he realizes he made any list with the words “top” and “NFL” in it. 

In addition to Miller we will attempt to recommend our favorite NFL draft minds leading up to the big day. Let us know if you have suggestions. 

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