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TFG Linkfest: New York City Rules

By: The Football Girl | Posted: April 16, 2012

The weekend’s biggest story came from New York where a certain figure largely known for abstinence was again in the limelight.  That’s right, Don Draper played shy in the brothel house.  Of course he did.

And that’s not all from New York. Eli Manning is crossing another item off of his “Catch up to Peyton” bucket list. The younger Manning will test out his humor chops for the first time as host of Saturday Night Live on May 5th.  Too bad Rick Santorum is already old news. C’mon, throw a sweater vest on Eli and I promise creepy doppleganger thoughts will ensue. 

Thanks to Eli and Lorne Michaels for the perfect excuse to show one of the greatest athlete sketches in the history of SNL:

Even more from “THE city.”  Tim Tebow was booed at yesterday’s Yankees game. Tebow generally does better in the public opinion department in the redder states like Florida where one couple paid $100,000 to spend the day with him.  What does a day with Tim Tebow entail?  You tell me. 

Back to Tebow’s old stomping grounds where a dude auditioned to be a Broncos cheerleader.

Finally, in NFL analysts I love news, check out Josh Norris, Rotoworld contributor.  This guy has seen loads of film, as evidenced by his in-depth analysis on Twitter. Norris also produced this nifty little position rankings spreadsheet.  Check it out and sound smarter than you are next weekend. 

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