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TFG Linkest: Draft Prep with Timothy Leary

By: The Football Girl | Posted: April 23, 2012

It was a big weekend for Bears players indulging in all of Chicago’s offerings (with their famous fiances and girlfriends, of course). Missing from this linkage is Jay Cutler and Kristin Cav Cav’s double date with the Marshalls at Saturday’s night’s Bulls/Mavs game.

Perhaps the fabulous foursome were really there to go all “Shark Tank” on Mark Cuban and ask him to invest in their new fragrance, Marsh.  It smells just like a marsh.  Sexy. 

As usual, though, the Chicago spotlight was reserved for Earl Bennett who led Cubs fans in “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” yesterday.

Enough about The Second City.  The First City is where it’s at this week (and always)  with the NFL Draft so let’s talk about the guy being called “THE swing pick.”  Some say Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill is overrated. Some say he’d fit nicely with the Chiefs or Dolphins (Do those teams covet overrated QBs?)  Tannehill will remain a huge question mark until he partakes in NFL action.  But for now, here’s a great breakdown of his skill-set and how he might fit into the league.

Who’s the most important figure at the NFL Draft? Fireman Ed, of course. For those clamoring to know more about the most consistent member of the Jets, here's his pretty extensive Wikipedia page.

Try guessing where this story titled, “Seattle Seahawks’ Ex: He Gave Me a House…Then Kicked Me Out of It!” came from?

Finally, a stellar “Mad Men” review from last night’s trippy episode.  Imagine if Roger Sterling was really Roger Goodell and the Leary party began, say, about 7:30 ET on Thursday night?

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Lane Bryant
Posts: 2
Mad Men
Reply #1 on : Mon April 23, 2012, 09:32:26
Great show last night. And for some reason, have a major inkling to take in a matinee today.