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Top NFL-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

By: The Football Girl | Posted: October 28, 2010

The truth is I intended this list to be a Top 20 or at least a Top 15, falsely assuming the ideas would be flowing.  But coming up with even ten creative costumes was a fun challenge, I think in large part due to the NFL’s policy against individualism. And of course there's fact that we fans don't ultimately vie most players beyond their fantasy value. 

But there are clearly still enough characters to go around and in trubute, here are nine ideas sure to make a splash at any Halloween party. All complete with instructions.  Please feel free to add your own attention-grabbers in the now easier to use comments section below!

1)      Lovie Smith: Find the blandest looking Bears pullover possible and super-glue red flags to your hands.  If you really want to stay in character, be very quiet and still the whole night.

"How many challenges do I get again?"

2)      Chad Ochocinco: Get an Ochocinco jersey and cover it with self-indulgent Tweets. And don’t forget the ampersand!

3)      Brett Favre: Favre jersey, Wrangler Jeans and a cell phone drawn on cardboard covering you know what.

4)      Antonio Cromartie: Get a Cromartie Jersey, Walk around pushing a stroller with six baby dolls, all wearing name tags. Leave two blank.

5)      Tim Tebow:  Wear a long wig and fake beard to match, plus a long white robe with the #15 written on the back, and bust out your favorite pair of Jockeys.  (Get it?)

"Even the hair performs miracles"

6)      Rex Ryan:  Don a fat suit, Jets cap, and an XXL vest with Jets insignia. Carry around a bag of pretzel M&Ms in one hand and a bag of Cheetohs in the other.

7)      C’mon Man Man: Take a white jumpsuit as your canvas. Affix interspersed stickers of the slogan “C’mon Man” with images of various NFL atrocities such as the Calvin Johnson catch, Ines Sainz,and Mike Singletary on the sideline.

8)      The Third Manning : Wear any top from Ole Miss (Cooper Manning’s alma mater). Put a paper bag over your head. Write “The 3rd Manning” on bag. 

9)      Jenn Sterger/Ines Sainz: Wear any standard, not obviously themed, slutty Halloween costume. And a mic.

"The Jets' employee dress code is way too conservatve"


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Tim Fitz
Posts: 9
Reply #2 on : Fri October 29, 2010, 12:06:19
How about Ben Roethlisberger. Wear a steelers jersey and carry around a suitcase with the label RAPE KIT attached.
Posts: 9
Re: Top NFL-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas
Reply #1 on : Thu October 28, 2010, 16:07:05
Nice list, but you spelled Cheetos wrong. I'm guessing you don't partake?