Report: Jay Cutler mulling broadcasting career



We could have yet another former NFL QB joining a broadcast booth this season. Jay Cutler, surliness and all, has explored a career in broadcasting, as reported by NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo. Cutler remains a free agent and presumably wants to continue his playing career, but his exploration to join the media ranks is deep enough that he’s auditioned.

On the surface, Cutler would seem to be terrible given his media-averse nature. But that was the presumption on Randy Moss, who showed no interest in media while playing, and has developed into one of the sports most engaging analysts. Besides those who know Jay say his sense of humor and football iq are quite prevalent once the cameras are off.

Cutler’s shoe designer/social media maven/vaccination protester wife, Kristen Cavallari, is the opposite. She embraces the paparazzi almost as much as her husband’s behind. Perhaps she has influenced Jay to go down the celebrity path.

It is also quite possible that this is a just a negotiating ploy by Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook. Attn Jets, Browns, 49ers, etc: Grab Cutler now or he’s retiring.


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