Gisele to CBS: Brady ‘does have concussions’



Tom Brady recently suggested he would play until 45 assuming his body stays in tact. Well, his other half Gisele may have put a damper in those plans when she told CBS This Morning that Brady had suffered a concussion last year.

According to Gisele, concussions are commonplace for Brady.

“He has concussions every…I mean, we don’t talk about them, but he does have concussions, “ she told Charlie Rose.

The Patriots did not list Brady on the injury report for a concussion, nor did any reporting out of Boston suggest that he had suffered one. The notion of a coverup would be incredibly damning and could result in more punishment to the organization. Expect an investigation to follow.

The NFL’s biggest star regularly suffering concussions could be a huge detriment for the league, especially as it has significant concerns about growing the sport at the grassroot levels. Youth football participation rates have seen a sharp decline over the past decade.


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