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Fantasy Education Tips

Not confident in your ability and know-how to play fantasy football?  Use the Fantasy Education section to learn how to play, draft your team, understand who to start, and talk trash.

For those already playing, please check out our weekly tips and feel free to inquire about any tough lineup decisions in the fantasy message boards.

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Waiver Wire vs. Free Agency

Playing fantasy football and not sure the difference between a Waiver Wire and Free Agency? Allow us to explain.... Read More

Know Thy League

One of the most desirable aspects of fantasy football is that no uniform rules exist. Most leagues have their own idiosyncrasies and range from incredibly basic to having... Read More

Typical Scoring Breakdown

Offense: (6) Rushing or Receiving TD (4) Passing TD (1) Every 20 yards rushing or receiving (1) Every 40 yards passing (5) Every 100 yards rushing or receiving... Read More

Dominate Your Draft

Make sure you have a CURRENT draft board. Almost everyone uses a draft board, but most have pretty short shelf lives. If you’re not careful you could be the laughing stock who picks a certain receiver too high... Read More

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 Articles | Page 1 of 1