Daily Cut of Meat: Eric Decker’s hotness could be coming to a city near you


Balancing the scales of gender equality one pound of flesh at a time….

Today’s DCOM is Eric Decker, previously/currently of New York Jets fame but who is reportedly on the outs. Decker is rumored to be included in New York’s veteran dumpfest but remains on the Jets roster as the team first searches for a trade partner.

We shouldn’t feel too bad for Decker, though, having leveraged targets from Peyton Manning to the tune of a $36 million contract in 2014, and locking up sultry country singer, Jessie James, to a lifetime contract (with a buyout clause, I’m sure) in 2013. Decker is the consummate climber who knows how to surround himself with people who make him look good, Ryan Fitzpatrick notwithstanding.

Of course, Decker also looks pretty good on his own. Here he is somehow pulling off that classic leather jacket / sweatpants look!

Here’s Decker with James, after a long day of being overthrown by Geno Smith. You really gotta work to clean that stench off you.

And not surprisingly, they made a beautiful child

But ultimately, a man needs to get back to business. The Jets are in talks the Ravens but with poses like these could New England emerge as a wildcard?

Nah, they wouldn’t want to do anything that might threaten Uggs sales. Meanwhile, we anxiously await which city Decker will beautify next. 


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